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Bundle Your Local, Long Distance and Internet Services for further savings.

Combine your Business Services with Telizon and you will receive even lower rates plus the convenience of a single, easy to understand monthly invoice.


Features and Benefits

Add a Telizon long distance bundle to save even more.

Cost Savings   

Receive the best long distance rate from Telizon and save on every call your business makes.

One Easy Monthly Statement   

You will receive a signal easy to understand monthly statement for all of your communication services. Or go paperless and sign up for Online Invoices.


Knowledgeable Friendly Staff   

Telizon's knowledgeable and friendly staff are ready, willing and able to deal with all of your communications needs.

Easy Transfer of Services   

Telizon will notify your current provider when transfering your communication services. We do the work for a seamless transition to Telizon.