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Canada's Largest Privately Held Carrier

Over the past decade, Comwave has become Canada’s leader in wholesale VoIP services. More phone companies rely on Comwave VoIP services than any other.

With a full portfolio of products to support small and large wholesale opportunities, Comwave is ideally suited to help you with A-Z Termination, 9-1-1, LNP, SIP, Local Access and much more.

Comwave's wholesale SIP Trunking gives you an easy and cost-effective way to achieve local DID origination and call termination throughout Canada, the US and overseas. Access 192 Canadian rate centers, 1,500 US rate centers and 24 countries overseas – all on one aggregated SIP channel.


We have several different types of trunks to choose from:

Regional-Flat rate Unlimited Local

This is a great replacement for a traditional PRI for a specific rate center Eg. Hamilton Ontario. For a flat monthly fee you can originate and terminate as many minutes as you would like for that rate center. Comes as both Uni-directional and Bi-Directional.

National-Flat rate all of Canada

There is no better way to originate and terminate calls across Canada. With a single National Trunk you can assign a DID in any rate center in Canada and terminate anywhere in Canada for a flat monthly fee. You never have to worry about augmenting capacity in every city, and you get to maximize utilization of your Trunk.

Eg. Lets say you have customers in Hamilton and Toronto and all of a sudden you have an opportunity in Vancouver. With National Trunking you need just one trunk for all the cities where with regional or traditional PRI you would need a trunk in every city which leaves unutilized capacity idle in each city.


Comwave provides DID origination in 1500 US cities across the United States all on a single aggregated SIP trunk. When buying Wholesale Carrier Service from Comwave, you can be assured that your DID and SIP Trunking requirements across North America can be covered by a single provider.


If you have a need for DID origination beyond North American borders, Comwave can provide you with the phone numbers you need in 24 countries abroad all on a single aggregated SIP trunk. Speak to us about our growing coverage throughout the world.


No monthly fee...Just pay for what you use. Sometimes you may not be sure how much capacity you need or you may have fluctuating usage patterns. With a Metered Comwave SIP Trunk you only pay for what you use. Our rates are always competitive, and you still get the benefit of a dedicated account rep and our 99.999% uptime reliability.




  • Largest Canadian network
  • Unlimited bidirectional or inbound-only SIP trunking
  • 24/7 NOC for live support
  • 99.989% uptime
  • Carrier-grade switching platforms from NexTone, BroadSoft and Metaswitch
  • SIP and H.323 support
  • Fax-friendly, guaranteed T.38 and G.711 support
  • Support for CLID and CNAM
  • Aggregated trunking in all regions
  • Automated self-service wholesale portal that includes real-time DID provisioning


Meet the increased demand for local number portability (LNP) and allow your customers to keep their existing phone numbers. Comwave currently offers LNP in 190 Canadian rate centres and throughout our U.S. footprint of 11,000 rate centres. Having such extensive footprints allows our wholesalers the ability to market across North America with peace of mind, knowing that their end users, whether consumers or business customers, have the luxury of keeping their existing phone numbers.

A-Z Termination

The quality of your long distance service can make or break your business. That's why Comwave offers VoIP long distance termination only through trusted tier-1 carriers. You won't have to worry about reliability – plus, you'll enjoy our competitive rates on Canada, US and international long distance termination.

Toll Free

Help your end users better market their businesses and attract global customers through their own Toll Free numbers. As a full-service provider of wholesale telecommunication services, Comwave offers Toll Free services that can originate throughout North America, allowing your end users to market and attract business opportunities without limitations. Toll Free services can be added onto an existing Comwave DID or IP; the choice is yours. Comwave's Toll Free service also comes with several optional feature sets that can be customized to your clients' calling and marketing requirements.


Through our extensive Canadian backbone network, Comwave can provide you with DIDs in over 1000 Canadian cities from Victoria to Newfoundland, throughout the United States, as well as several destinations overseas. Comwave ensures number availability wherever needed.

Coverage Termination

Coming soon...